Anti-Fatigue Mats Hair Dressers - Barbers - Beauty Therapist

Aztec anti-fatigue Mats

Aztec anti-fatigue mats are the highest grade and include the following product features:
• Anti (non) slip, Anti fatigue
• TUV tested to reduce overall fatigue and discomfort by up to 50%,
• Studies have shown that over 80% of the industrial workforce has dealt with back, leg and foot related problems
• Aztec anti fatigue floor mats are an efficient and affordable way to reduce this exposure
• Aztec anti fatigue floor mats provide an excellent solution to address the needs of a physically demanding work environment such as hairdressing and beauty treatments
• Aztec anti fatigue floor mats help reduce the potential for stiff muscles and worker fatigue

• Super resilient closed cell polymeric sponge base,
• Preserving the quality of shop flooring
• Beveled edges reduce trip hazards and add safety
• Aztec stylist mats are exceptionally lightweight and easy to maintain
• Comes with extra smooth non-slip surface and fits with all standard size styling chairs is a professional-grade mat for the professional hair stylist.
• Foam provide comfort and support for your feet,legs and back,
• Non toxic and safe for children and pets

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